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If there is one place in London that I can keep coming back to, it's Brixton Village. Brixton seems like a different country... and why not, it even has it's own currency! 

A place where people from all over the world live and work together, a melting pot of cultures, music and culinary adventures. You’ll find Europe, India, Asia, Africa, South America and the Caribbean all represented. Shops that sell everything from charcuterie and cheese to traditional Chinese medicine. 

What's most beautiful about Brixton village is the high glass ceilings. Marked by flags from all over the world, hung side by side. This right here... says 'London is Open', and this is the London where I want to be.

A walk through the village on a busy Sunday morning.

Brixton quite wig obsessed.
Brixtons are quite the wig obsessed! Can find these plastic heads staring at you all over the place.
Brixton Art at the Village
Caribbean colours on shop shutters.

Brixton Village knick knacks
Delicious glazed ceramics

Brixton Village
A slice of Indian design and colour

Hand Models
First the heads, now the fingers.
Brixton Village knick knacks
Knick-knacks galore
Brixton Village knick knacks

Brixton Village shops
The vintage radio that was still working
Brixton Village knick knacks
Colourful candles. Stuff you don't need, but definitely want!
Brixton Village knick knacks
Locally sourced flour.
Brixton Village knick knacks
Colour coma

Brixton Village knick knacks
Like a kid in a candy shop
Brixton Village knick knacks
Colours of the Caribbean
Brixton Village
The restaurants don't look boring either

And the company is not too bad !

Elephant Cafe brixton
Loving this vintage style wallpaper at the Elephant Cafe.
Brixton Street Art
Art in every street
The Brixton Pound Brixton village
Note vending machine. The Bowie on the Brixton Pound!

The Brixton Village
Rock & Reggae

Elephant Pakistani Cafe Brixton
Quick stop for Spice Chai and Okra fries at the Elephant Pakistani cafe.

Brixton Street Art
Did I mention... art in every street?

Brixton Village

Brixton Village

Brixton Village
the local charcuterie

Brixton Village
That juicy kid!
Brixton Village
It's always summer at the village

Art of the Undergound London
The bright and welcoming artwork at Brixton Station

Brixton Village Art Print
Last...not the least. My love for Brixton Village, in this Art Print.Brixton Village art Print

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