The Migrants of Regent's Park London

12:39:00 PM

We live in strange times. Building walls and shutting doors to our neighbours. Our very own Westminster World.

Not too far from Westminster is Regent's Park, a little oasis that has been welcoming migrants in hundreds and thousands. Migrants, some ringing in the seasons- sunshine and warmth from distant lands. Migrants who inspired many a famous poets.

Fly away, fly away over the sea,
Sun - loving swallow for summer in done;
Come again, come again, come back to me,
Brining the summer and brining the sun.

- Christina Rossetti

The Regent's park is home to over two hundred species of birds. Delighting bird lovers, children and puppies alike. Home to some of the rarest species of all colours and countries. 

Black Swan couples spend their day in quiet contemplation while White ones create a ruckus with their signature synchronised dance, disturbing the peace in gleaming gold waters. The Common Pochard is a native of Europe, the Barnacle Goose from Arctic Islands and the Bar Headed Goose hails from Asia. It's like this lake in the park is a venue for a UN party all year round. 

The deep colour Teal duck is a native to the forests of South America. The Pintail and White morph, both ducks from the Caribbean and Galapagos Islands. The Bailkat teal from Eastern Asia, and the graceful mute swan from Europe, Asia and North Africa.

The park gives sanctuary to passage migrants and winter visitors such as redwings, pied wagtails and mistle thrushes and in spring you can see reed warblers and blackcaps. The herons by the boating lake is one of the largest grey heron colonies in a city centre in the whole of Europe. And flocks of ring-necked parakeets, fly free, the only species of parrot living wild in the country.

Someday maybe, we all can roam wild in this world we share. Meanwhile I'm looking forward to spring and morning walks in the parks of London, through winding green paths with gleaming dew jewels and whiffs of fresh wet earth.

I did this illustration featuring some of the beautiful birds of Regent's Park. I found the subject so interesting, and I wanted to capture it in my way. Would love to hear your views on it!

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