Design Trends: 8 Iconic Posters of Protest - Talk to the hand!

11:25:00 AM

On a recent visit to the V&A, I came across a very interesting section of posters. It was called 'Posters of Protest' - a collection of posters from the last 100 years. I am still trying to articulate how and why, they still have that powerful magnetic effect that draws you towards them, mildly hypnotic?

What was it about the design, that makes every poster still look fresh? The fonts, the cut- colour, the silhouettes? bBlack-white- red?  Or the hand?
Protest posters from all over the world, had so much in common. So what was the formula?

It is easier for people to stand for what they are against, than what they support. No. Stop. Resist. The use of silhouettes was deeper than just cool 'graphic design'. It was a technique used to condense a group of people into one unified body.

Iconography: The fist. The arresting hand. To me, this was it. All summed up- the clenched fist shouted power, shouted resistance, shouted unity.

Britain 2016 : Here is someone who was clearly inspired by these posters! And I believe they worked.

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